History of Renaca


The origin of the town dates back to Re�aca 1905 when the heir to the Hacienda de Vi�a del Mar , Salvador Vergara Alvarez with Gaston Hamel de Souza, formed the " Sociedad Real Montemar "to develop Re�aca beach. Only in 1912 is logged the plane containing only the flat surface around the estuary. Shortly afterwards the first houses come along streets Vicu�a Mackenna and Balmaceda , both parallel to the creek and located adjacent to each of its banks.

The coastal road was continued until Conc�n in 1917 , but remained Re�aca beach deserted for some years. Only towards 1940 began to build in the street that runs along the coast and soon filled with second homes for people living in Santiago , today almost all replaced by modern buildings. Despite this real estate development, the great beach Re�aca remained little visited, because its waters are considered dangerous for swimming due to high waves often seen in the area.

Takeoff urban

Overview of Re�aca.

Only in 1965 begins to become the most important center of summer events. Its beach is urbanized and initiates a rapid construction process where newly erected houses were demolished to make way for the spectacular buildings terraced into the hillside. It reconstructs the entire waterfront, on land considered the most expensive in the country and also to the top of the hills of dunes .

Sea Garden

In 1980 appears the neighborhood of the Sea Garden in southern Re�aca estuary, which is a large residential development in a decade was covered with houses and buildings up to 25 stories high, transforming the core Re�aca greater urban development around the shoreline. Sea Garden is characterized as a purely residential neighborhood where there is no way to trade, so the streets are quiet and little vehicular and pedestrian movement, with the exception of the strip. The neighborhood is built into the hillside and most of its surface is not flat