Travel to Florianopolis

By plane

Hercilio Luz International Airport (IATA: FLN) - 12 km from the city center. Connected to the city by local bus lines or taxi.

The Brazilian airline "TAM” provides international and domestic services to Florianopolis. Flights are available from JFK International(NY), Miami, Madrid, London, Frankfurt, Milan and main cities in South America. Most of the flights require a connection in Sao Paulo.

Airlines Gol , Azul and Oceanair operates domestic flights to the city. Gol also operates destinations in South America, like Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Santiago.

Summer months (December thru March) several daily charter flights arrive from Argentina & Chile.

By bus

Terminal Rita Maria, the name of the Central Bus Station,

It links Florianopolis City to the main Brazilian cities and to most of the cities in Santa Catarina state. The main bus companies operating in Florianopolis are Catarinense , Reunidas , Santo Anjo  and Eucatur.

You can get to Florianopolis from Foz do Iguacu for RS115 to RS150. The night trip takes around 16h.

By car

You should use the Route BR-101 (cross Brazil from north to south), the entrance to Florianopolis will be at kilometer 206, from there read the signs and get the express route BR-282 wich leads to Florianopolis

Get around

From the city center, dozens of buses go to all the beaches on the island. The bus system has drawbacks since transfers are necessary at regional terminals to get around. The cost is 2.90R each way, and it takes about 35-60 minutes to get from the city to the beaches. Additionally, there is an air-conditioned yellow bus (Linhas Executivas) that goes direct to downtown from the main beaches for 6.00R. A car is recommended to explore all the beaches and interesting spots. There are car rentals on the island and at the airport. Renting can be expensive as well (120R/day with A/C), however