About Caruaru

Caruaru is a Brazilian city in the state of Pernambuco. The most populous city in the interior of the state, it's located in the micro zone of Agreste and because of its cultural importance, it's commonly known by its people as the Capital do Agreste (which in Portuguese means the "Capital of Agreste") and Princesinha do Agreste ("Little Princess of Agreste"). The city is located 130 kilometers (70.194 miles) from Recife, and its international airport, known worldwide for its June festivities and is also called the Capital do Forro("Capital of Forró"). The Festival of Saint John takes up the whole month of June, and sometimes extends into July. It is often considered the greatest Saint John's Festival in the world. Caruaru had a resident population of 314,951 inhabitants in the year 2010, who live in a land area of 921 square kilometers. Caruaru is the town of Alvaro Lins, brazilian journalist; Walter Lopes Marinho, brazilian genius (IQ  200+); Ten Brig Reginaldo dos Santos, former dean of the ITA ( a federal government institution dedicated to provide high level education and research in Science and Technology areas of interest to the aerospace sector in general, and especially to the Aeronautical Command)