Climate in Aracaju

The climate is hot and humid, with rainy season from March to August. The average annual temperature is 26 °C and average annual rainfall of 1590 mm.


The warmest months Aracaju experiences are: January, February and March, with temperatures averaging 27°C, while the average highs are 31°C and the minimum is 25°C. The coldest are July and August, with temperatures averaging 24°C, with a mean maximum not exceeding 28°C, and at night the temperature drops to 22°C. But it may happen that the temperature gets warmer in winter and cooler in summer, as in 2002.


The temperature record in the city is 40°C and reached a minimum of 17.5°C in the winter of 2008.


Aracaju experiences its wettest months between March and August, owing to the strong wind created by lower temperatures in the South and Southeast. During this period, the average amount of rainfall exceeds 200 mm per month. Between those months, the rainiest is April, where it rains about 241 mm. The driest months, between September and February, see the winds weakening and only really managing to bring light clouds. There is also less rain. The driest month is November, when it rains about 48 mm. The average rainfall between these months is approximately between 60 mm and 75 mm