About Ilhabela

Ilhabela (Portuguese for Beautiful Island) is an archipelago and city situated 4 miles off the coast of Sao Paulo state in Brazil. The island is 205 km (127 mi) from the city of Sao Paulo and 340 km (210 mi) from the city of Rio de Janeiro. The largest island, although commonly called Ilhabela, is officially named Ilha de Sao Sebastiao (St. Sebastian Island). It, the other islands (Buzios, Pescadores and Vitoria) and the islets (Cabras, Castelhanos, Enchovas, Figueira, Lagoa and Serraria) make up the municipality of Ilhabela.

The islands in total cover 348 (134 sq mi). The population of Ilhabela in 2006 was 26,230, and in 2012 it was around 29,308, but during the holiday months, up to one hundred thousand people may be on the island,since its a popular destination for tourists. To access the city, one must take a boat or ferry in Sao Sebastiao, as there are no roads which reach it. During the summer, one may wait more than an hour to take the ferry boat. The ferry takes 15 minutes to cross the channel between the two cities