About Tamanrasset

Tamanrasset  also known as Tamenest or Tamenghest, Tuareg:  is an oasis city and capital of Tamanrasset Province in southern Algeria, in the Ahaggar Mountains. It is the chief city of the Algerian Tuareg. It is located at 22°476N 5°3122E at an altitude of 1,320 meters (4,333 feet) and has a population of 76,000 (estimate 2006). Tamanrasset or Tamanghasset ‎, Berber: Tamenγest ) is the largest province (wilaya) inAlgeria. It was named after its province seat: Tamanrasset. The Province has two national parks, more than any other in Algeria. They are: Tassili n'Ajjer National Park and Ahaggar National Park. The province makes up almost a quarter of the country's area.

Tamanrasset was originally established as a military outpost to guard the trans-Saharan trade routes. Surrounded by the barrenSahara Desert, some of the world’s highest known temperatures have been recorded here Tamanrasset is located at an oasis where, despite the difficult climate, citrus fruits, apricots, dates, almonds, cereals, corn, and figs are grown. The Tuareg people are the town’s main inhabitants. Tamanrasset is a popular tourist attraction during the cooler months. Visitors are also drawn to the Museum of the Hoggar, which offers many exhibits depicting Tuareg life and culture.

When Algeria was under French rule, the city was also called Fort Laperrine.

The city is served by Tamanrasset Airport and the Trans-Sahara Highway.

The oasis town is now the site of the Joint Military Staff Committee headquarters for combating Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb. The four-country Committee (Algeria, Mali, Niger, Mauritania) intends to use Tamanrasset to coordinate their military activity in the Pan-Sahel