About Annaba

Annaba, formerly Bône, historically Hippo or Hippo Regius) is a city in the northeastern corner of Algerianear the river Seybouse. It is located in Annaba Province. With a population of 257,359 (2008), it is the fourth largest city in Algeria. It is a leading industrial centre in eastern Algeria Most of the people call this city Balad Al Unnâb, i.e. theJujubes city, because of the abundance of this fruit in this place.

Annaba is a coastal city and a pole of spontaneous growth. The area of growth of Annaba is accompanied by a metropolitan area under pressure even at high compression to the image of the other metropolises of the Algerian coastline such as Oran and the capital Algiers. With more than 200,000 inhabitants, it's in direct and indirect relationship with the region of "Bône", a territory of nearly 4 million people. It's character of a "port town" gives it a regional international radiation. Much of eastern and southern Algerian seeks the services, equipment, and infrastructure of the city. Economically, it is located in the centre of dynamic and varied activities: industry, transport, finance and tourism