About El Golea

El Golea  is an oasis and offical name is "El Menea"  the tow names together in arabic mean Impregnable Castle , town in almost central Algeria lying at the eastern border of the Grand Erg Occidental at an elevation of 380 meters. The desert town is a gateway to the Sahara in the south, and has an estimated 180,000 palm trees within the oasis area. The oasis itself lies beneath an escarpment rising up to 200 metres above. Some of the largest continuous areas of Saharan sand dunes begin just a few kilometres to the west of the oasis. El-Golea has good road connections and an airport located 3 kilometers west of the town's center.

The area is inhabited by the Zenete Berbers. El Golea has a population of approximately 15,000 (2006 estimate). It is located around30.57°N 2.87°E. El Golea oasis grows many agricultural products. The grave of Charles de Foucauld is located in town