Economy of Berkeley


Berkeley is the location of a number of nationally prominent businesses, many of which have been pioneers in their areas of operation.


    Peet's Coffee opened its first store in Berkeley, at Vine and Walnut Street, which is still operating. Its corporate headquarters and roasting plant are located in nearby Alameda.

    Chez Panisse founded in 1971 and the birthplace of California cuisine.

    The Freight and Salvage founded in 1968, this is a nonprofit musical performance venue that primarily hosts folk music and world music acts

    Acme Bread Company, one of the earliest artisanal bakers in the Bay Area.

    The Cheese Board founded in 1967/71, this business comprises two collectively owned and operated businesses.

    The Claremont Resort founded in 1906, this historic site was originally the Claremont Hotel. Although the main hotel building lies entirely within the city limits of adjacent Oakland, a portion of the grounds lie within Berkeley, and the resort uses this for its street address.

    924 Gilman founded in 1986, this is an all-ages, non-profit, collectively organized music club where Berkeley natives Operation Ivy, Pansy Division, Green Day, Rancid, Crimpshrine, Tiger Army and AFI started out.

    Dark Carnival Bookstore one of Berkeley's two science fiction and fantasy bookstores

    The Other Change of Hobbit one of Berkeley's two science fiction and fantasy bookstores, first opened in 1977.

    Caffe Mediterraneum Allen Ginsberg wrote part of Howl at "Caffe Med."

    The supermarket chain Grocery Outlet is based in Berkeley.

    Cleis Press, a feminist and woman centered publishing company, moved from Minneapolis