About Sile

Şile is a small holiday city on the Black Sea, 70 km from the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Şile is also the name of the district (ilçe) and the municipality (belediye) that contain the city center of Şile. According to the 2007 census, the population of the district was 25,169, of which 9,831 lived in the city of Şile, 2,096 in the nearby town of Ağva (Yeşilçay) and 13,242 in surrounding villages. However, between June and September, the population rapidly increases because of the many residents of Istanbul who have summer houses in Şile.

The district of Şile is part of the province (il) of Istanbul, and the municipality of Şile is part of the metropolitan government (büyükşehirbelediyesi) of Istanbul. Bordering Şile are the province of Kocaeli(districts of Gebze, Körfez, Derince,Kandıra) to the east and south, and the province of Istanbul districts of Pendik to the south, Çekmeköy to the southwest, and Beykoz to the west. The boundaries of Şile were expanded by the addition of the village of Esenceli from Beykoz district in 1987.Şile consists of Şile, Yeşilvadi and Tekesub districts, and 58 villages. The mayor is Can Tabakoğlu (AKP). Popular resort Ağva is also a part of Şile