About Assos

Assos also known asBehramkale or for short Behram, is a small historically rich town in the Ayvacık district of the Çanakkale Province, Turkey.

After leaving the Platonic Academy in Athens,Aristotle (joined by Xenocrates) went to Assos, where he was welcomed by King Hermias, and opened an Academy in this city. Aristotle also married Pythias, the adopted daughter of Hermias. In the Academy of Assos, Aristotle became a chief to a group of philosophers, and together with them, he made innovative observations on zoology and biology. When the Persians attacked Assos, King Hermias was caught and put to death. Aristotle fled toMacedonia, which was ruled by his friend KingPhilip II of Macedon. There, he tutored Philip's son, Alexander the Great.

Assos was also visited by St. Paul. Today, Assos is an Aegean-coast seaside retreat amid ancient ruins