Religions of Pattaya

Thais take their religion very seriously. When in Thailand, one should be careful regarding religious sentiments of the Thais. Thai people are very friendly to the foreigners but they can take any offensive remark or action regarding their religion seriously. Be mindful of the mentioned points while visiting a religious place.

Buddha idols are given utmost regard in Thailand. All Buddha images, whether large or small, are regarded sacred. Never climb up on one to take a photograph or do anything that could be offensive.

Don't go inside a Buddhist chapel with your shoes on. However, it is acceptable to wear shoes while walking around the compound of a Buddhist temple. Floors of religious places are usually clean and you don't have to worry about dirt when you have to take them off.

Be neatly and decently dressed. Never go shirtless or in shorts, pants or other unsuitable attire. Dress yourself in the same manner as the Thais do while visiting a religious place.

While visiting a mosque, men should wear hats and women should be well-covered with slacks or a long skirt, a longsleeved blouse buttoned to the neck and a scarf over the hair. The shoes must be removed before entering the mosque. If there is a religious gathering in the mosque, you must leave.

A female must not touch a Buddhist priest under any circumstance. Priests are forbidden to accept anything from the hand of a woman. Even then if a lady wants to give anything to the monk, she first hands it to a male, who then presents it to the monk. In case the woman who wants to present the object with her hand, the monk would spread out a piece of saffron robe or handkerchief in front of him and the woman will lay down the material on it