About Nan

Nan is a town in Northern Thailand. It is located some 668 km north of Bangkok. Its population exceeds 24.000. It is situated in the centre of the Nan Province which bears its name, and of which it is the administrative capital. It covers the whole tambon Nai Wiang and parts of tambon Pha Sing of Mueang Nan district, an area of 7.60 kmĀ². As of 2010 it had a population of 21,333. It is subdivided into 30 chumchon. It is spread out along the Nan river's right bank. Nan is a small city, primarily devoted to commercial, administrative, educational and hospital activities. The old heart of the city, where Wat Phumin, the National Museum and other tourist attractions are located, is being restored. The city's industrial and tourist development remains limited until now, but should be improved by the complete opening of the border towards Laos and beyond towards China, an opening that has been postponed so far but should occur in a short time