About Jablah

Jableh also spelt Jebleh, Jabala, Jablah or Gabala, is a coastal city on the Mediterranean in Syria.

 Jableh was part of the Principality of Antioch, one of the Crusader States, until it was captured by Saladin in 1189 during the Third Crusade. One famous resident was Hugh of Jabala, the city's bishop, who reported the fall of Edessa to Pope Eugene III, and was the first person to speak of Prester John.

 The city is home to the tomb and the mosque of Sultan Ibrahim Bin Adham, a famous Sufi mystic who renounced his throne and devoted himself to prayers for the rest of his life.

 Jableh has a beach named in the local language (Al-Kurnish), where people come and meet to enjoy the cold beer and water pipe in that incredible view of the sea