About Tudela

Tudela is a municipality in Spain, the second city of the autonomous community ofNavarre. Its population is around 35,000. Tudela is sited in the Ebro valley. Fast trains running on two-track electrified railways serve the city and two freeways (AP 68 and AP 15) join close to it. Tudela is the capital of the "Ribera Navarra", the agricultural region of lower Navarre.

The poet Al-Tutili, the 12th century traveller Benjamin of Tudela, the 13th century writerWilliam of Tudela and the physician and theologian Michael de Villanueva (true name of Servetus) were from the city.

Of note are the city's festivals in honor of Santa Ana (St. Anne, mother of Mary) which begin on 24 July at noon and continue for approximately one week. Street music, bullfights and the running of the bulls are events which exemplify this festival