About San Antonio Abad

San Antonio Abad is a parish and a township Spanish on the island of Ibiza, in the autonomous community of Balearic Islands, Spain. Located in the west of the island, is the old paddock (in Catalan, Quarto) Abad, one of the four in which James I divided the island in the thirteenth century. Portmany The word comes from the Latin " Portus Magnus "large port" that was adopted by the Arabs as Burt'uman and then by the conquerors of Catalan origin to the current expression.

Today is one of the main tourist areas of the island of Ibiza. The main center is 15 km from the capital (the city of Ibiza), and has a large port at the bottom of a bay, allowing maritime traffic of passengers and goods to the peninsula.

The parish of Sant Antoni is divided into bands of is Bernats is Bessons, Buscastell, Cas Ramons, Forada is Macians is Pla, Raval and sa sa Vorera