Culture of Utuado


Utuado had a Boy Scout Troop with the Boy Scouts of America for over 50 years, changing its number from time to time. Troop 1996 was led by Scoutmaster Raúl A. Pérez from 1997 to April 2011. He is a local agronomist who has been in the Scouting movement for over 30 years, since he was 11 years old. Its Facebook page is still maintained though as a news giver for Scout units all over Puerto Rico. As of April 2011, Troop 1996 has ceased operations due to lack of parent support.

Cub Scouts

The first Cub Scout Pack was formed around 2000 as Pack 551. This number was chosen as commemoration to former Boy Scout Troop 551 (later Troop 1996); the Pack failed sustainment in 2003. The second, Pack 894, was formed in 2008 but failed sustainment later. The third, Pack 601, was formed around 2010 in Barrio Angeles. Named after the road for where it is established, it is the only unit of the Boy Scouts of America currently standing in Utuado.


There has been only one Venturing crew in Utuado in 2006, but failed sustainment afterwards.

Girl Scouts

There are between 7 to 10 Girl Scout Troops in Utuado.



On September 1, 2007 Utuado's baseball team Los Montañeses (The Mountaineers) won their third Double A League National championship against Los Bravos (The Braves) of Cidra. Their first victory was in 1941 in the then Federación Deportiva del Norte (Sports Federation of the North). In 1970 they won the first championship under the new Federación de Béisbol Aficionado de Puerto Rico (Federation of Baseball Enthusiast of Puerto Rico). On August 21, 2009, Los Montañeses lost to Los Patrulleros of San Sebastian del Pepino in the last Double A semi-finals game, thus the opponent won 4 of the 7 required games to win for the advancement to the finals. As of mid September 2009, Francisco J. Artau quit the Doble AA baseball team as owner. The post was later resumed by