About Flekkefjord

Flekkefjord is a town and municipality in the county of Vest-Agder, Norway.

The town of Flekkefjord was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The rural municipalities of Bakke, Gyland, Hidra, and Nes were merged with Flekkefjord on 1 January 1965.

Flekkefjord is the westernmost town of the geographical region S�rlandet. The municipality is bounded by Sokndal and Lund in Rogaland county to the west, by Sirdal to the north, and by Kvinesdal to the east.

The municipal center lies near European highway E39, approximately midway between Kristiansand and Stavanger. In addition there are population centers at Sira,Gyland, Rasv�g, and Kirkehavn.


The town is named after the fjord and the fjord is named after the old farm named Flikka (Old Norse Flikkar). The meaning of the name is unknown.


The coat-of-arms was granted in 1855. The arms were originally proposed in 1855 and described as a pilot boat on the sea. The original proposal showed a boat on a very natural sea, all in natural colours. The present shape of the boat and the more heraldically correct arms date from 1899