Travel to Apeldoorn

By Plane

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the nearest and largest airport. From there, directly under the arrivals area, regular trains can be boarded that take just over an hour to reach Apeldoorn. By car, the journey takes fractionally longer and will involve navigating the ring roads around Amsterdam before hitting the A1.

Eindhoven Airport caters more to the low cost airlines, and though the train journey to Apeldoorn from Eindhoven is roughly doubled (see below), the journey by car (if hiring) via the A50 motorway is straightforward and under 1,30 hours.

By car

From Amsterdam, Apeldoorn can be reached via the A1 motorway in a little more than an hour, traffic permitting.

The city is located at the intersection of the A1(east-west) and A50 (north-south) motorways, and is very central in relation to the rest of the country. This makes it easily accessible from anywhere.

By train

Direct intercity services connect Apeldoorn to both Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. In both cases the journey will take roughly one hour.

Apeldoorn is situated on the main line between Berlin and Amsterdam. Twice hourly international trains in both directions can be boarded and used for national and cross border travel purposes. For international tickets, book online at the NS international website.

From Eindhoven, you should head to Utrecht, changing there for either a direct train to Apeldoorn, or depending on the schedule you may find it quicker to head to Amersfoort from Utrecht, changing again for more frequent services to Apeldoorn. This journey is likely to take around 2 hours.

Alight at Apeldoorn for the regional Apeldoorn-Zutphen route that stops at various smaller settlements in the picturesque countryside, terminating at the historic town of Zutphen