Economy of Ondangwa

Ondangwa features a shopping centre, a large open market, and several tourism facilities.

Many local authorities for the Oshana and Oshikoto regions are placed in the town, e.g. the Ministry of Education and police. The hospital is placed in the nearby town Oniipa.

Ondangwa remains an important transit point for Owambo contract workers going to or coming from the copper- and lead-mining town of Tsumeb, 170 miles (274 km) southeast. Moreover there is a 53 Battalion HQ at Ondangwa, just before the Ondangwa Air force Base on the main Oshakati road in Sector 10. There are several schools in the town, among them Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Senior Secondary School. Some schools extend far from the town - for instance Ekulo Senior Secondary School. The most well-known football team is KK Palace and Volcano.

Since independence, the government has settled up an industry in the north, to create jobs and improve the poor infrastructure. Rössing Foundation, Kayec and Cosdec are the three vocational skills schools training young people in building maintenance, sewing, cooking, and Internet Technology.

Safland Namibia is currently developing a multi-million dollar shopping mall in Ondangwa