Culture of Voi

Voi is the location for three levels of the video game Halo 3. Halo 3 takes place late in the year 2552, and the current Voi bears little resemblance to the fictional, futuristic city in the game. Voi has been transformed from an agricultural town to a heavily industrialised city, which has absorbed the surrounding towns of Gutini, Ikanga, and Mariwenyi. The geography of the area has also been altered in the fictional version of Voi. Global warming has caused massive flooding of plains around the city of New Mombasa. Following this, a channel was excavated leading far inland, to Voi. As a result Voi has become an inland port city, subsidising New Mombasa's port. For the most part, Voi can only be seen as a panorama on the horizon, except for a few warehouse complexes. Supposedly, New Mombasa is almost purely commercialised, all heavy industry have been relocated to Voi. The Taita hills to the West are also used extentinsively in the game