History of Tokushima

Tokushima Prefecture and Myodo Prefecture

Long ago, Tokushima City belonged to a region known as My?d?-gun. But in the first wave of government consolidation following the abolishment of the fiefdom system and construction of prefectures in 1871, it became known by the name of Myodo Prefecture. At the time, it included not only the Awa region to the south, but the Awaji Island regions as well. In 1873 it further incorporated the region currently occupied by Kagawa Prefecture in its borders.

But in the second wave of government consolidation, on September 5, 1875, the Sanuki Region separated to form modern day Kagawa Prefecture. Then, on August 21, 1876, Awaji Island separated to join Hyogo Prefecture and the Awa region separated to form Kochi Prefecture.

After this, on March 2, 1880 Myodo Prefecture fully separated from Kochi Prefecture and became inaugurated as Tokushima Prefecture.


    1945 August - End of World War II. The Washi no Mon gate to Tokushima Castle is destroyed by fire.

    1946 December - The Nankai Earthquake occurs, causing vast damage throughout the prefecture.

    1947 May - Naruto City is inaugurated.

    1949 May - Tokushima University is created.

    1951 June - Komatsushima City is inaugurated.

    1953 November - The Prefectural Library is completed in Tokushima Park

    1957 November - The Nagayasuguchi Dam is completed along the Naka River

    1958 January - A ferry from Komatsushima to Wakayama sinks. All passengers are lost.

    1958 May - Anan City is inaugurated.

    1959 April - Shikoku Hoso begins TV broadcasts.

    1960 May - A tsunami caused by a quake in Chili causes damage in the prefecture's south.

    1961 April -