About Tremiti Islands

Located about twelve miles from the Northern coast of the Gargano, the Tremiti Islands are an archipelago in the Adriatic Sea which consists of three islands as well as a number of smaller rock formations.  The Tremiti Islands are a protected marine reserve with their own unique environment and are surrounded by a wealth of sea life in the Adriatic Sea.


The Tremiti Islands are made up of a group of islands: San Nicola, San Domino, Cretaccio, Pianosa and Capraia.  The first two islands, San Nicola and San Domino, are inhabited islands where ancient settlements of fisherman live.  Capraia is an uninhabited island in the Tremiti Islands that is completely covered by Mediterranean vegetation.


In addition to the major islands, the Tremiti Islands archipelago is made up of many rock formations the most well-known of which include Crepaccio and Vecchia.  Depending on which island you visit in the Tremiti Islands archipelago, you will find that there are a wealth of activities and things to do.  On San Nicola island, you can visit the Castle and the Church of St. Maria del Mare.  If you plan to visit Domino Island then you can explore one of many caves and natural sights including the Grotta del Bue marino.


The best beaches in the Tremiti Islands can be found on San Domino Island.  The beaches are secluded but they are well worth a visit.  Consider any one of these beaches for scuba diving, rugged scenery and plenty of beautiful scenery:  Cala delle Arene, Cala Matano and Cala Tramontana.  Each of these beaches can be found on San Domino and feature some of the best scenery, surf and sun to be found in the entire Tremiti archipelago.


The beaches of San Domino feature many secluded coves that literally make you feel like the only person in the whole world when you’re there.  The traitorous coastline makes getting to some of these