Travel to Positano

Get in

•    By Bus: take the Sita bus from Sorrento or Salerno (a bit longer, but nice!). From Sorrento sit next to a window on the right hand side for the best views. From Salerno sit on the left side for the best views and excellent photo opportunities. The bus drops you at the top of the town. You must walk, taxi, or bus to your hotel. During the peak season (starting in late April) this bus can get very crowded. You may have to wait a couple hours and fight your way onto a bus to get back.

•    By Car: Take the main road off of the Autostrada from Sorrento but make sure to have a reservation at a car park as it is very difficult to find parking.

•    By Ferry: Take a ferry from Naples. Slightly more expensive than the bus but you'll save an hour on the road and get some truly amazing views of the cliffs on the Amalfi coast. For connections between Positano and Amalfi and Positano and Salerno, you need the Coop Sant Andrea ferry service, the only company which operates this line.

•    Read about the unified public transport ticket Campania Unico.

Get around

•    By Foot: There are loads of little stairs leading from everywhere to everywhere straight. Alternatively there is the one road meandering down to the harbour.

•    By Bus: a local bus goes down and - especially - up the hill following the meandering always congested road. On that bus no Unico Campania tickets are valid! The charge to ride the orange bus around Positano is €1.20 if you purchase your ticket from a local shop, or €1.60 if you purchase directly from the bus driver