Travel to Gorgona

Take the bus from Cali(2hrs) or Medellin/Bogota(12hrs) to Buenaventura. Go to the local harbour for boats transporting people and

goods to the southern and northern coastal towns. Enquire as to when the next boat leaves south which can drop you off at Gorgona. You will

probably be the only one going to Gorgona the rest of the people will be returning home to villages south. It is not a big diversion for the captain

of the boat to take you to Gorgona and he will do so for around 70,000 pesos each way. Boats leave most days, its just a matter of talking with

the people in the harbour who will help you find the right one. They normally leave before nightfall. and it takes around 12 hours. For the return

journey those on the island will arrange it without much trouble.

 Visit travel agents in the main cities and find out when the next tour leaves to Isla Gorgona. They will hire a boat and there may also

be diving. Its a good opportunity to meet some Colombian travellers but personally I prefer the independent option 1. These tours may have the

option to fly to Guapi from Cali and then take a fast boat (1hr) to Gorgona. This is not an option for the independent traveller