Economy of Cagliari

Cagliari is the main commercial and industrial center of the island, with many major Italian factories within its provincial boundaries. The Macchiareddu-Grogastru area between Cagliari and Capoterra (in conjunction with the industrial port of Giorgino) is one of the most important industrial areas of Sardinia. Cagliari also has one of the largest fish markets in all of Italy with a vast array of fish for sale to both the public and trade. The communications provider Tiscali has its headquarters in town, and Cagliari also has one of the biggest container terminals on the Mediterranean sea. Many multinational corporations like Coca Cola, Heineken, Unilever, Bridgestone and Eni Group have factories in town. Tourism is also one of the major industries of the city, with cruise ships touring the Mediterranean often making Cagliari a stop off for passengers.

Cagliari, with an average per capita income of 22.226 euro, has an economic level comparable to that of the northern and central Italian cities