Economy of Rishon LeZiyyon

Rishon LeZion's main industries today are wine, construction, services and commerce. Factories and workshops are located in the old industrial zone, which has become a popular venue for pubs, dance clubs and restaurants. Industry in the city is largely divided into two industrial centres: the old industrial zone in the north of the city and the new industrial zone in the west of the city.

The two major malls in Rishon LeZion are Rothschild Center in the old downtown center and Gold Mall (Kenyon HaZahav) in the New West district. Companies such as Coca Cola, Gazit Globe, Volvo and Fiat are expected to open in the Maayan Sorek area. As part of the city's 5-year plan to be completely water-independent, construction of a desalination plant is planned for Rishon which will produce 3.7 million cubic meters of water per year, whilst the city already hosts the large Shafdan recycling plant