About Hadera

Hadera is a city located in the Haifa District of Israel approximately 45 kilometers (28.0 mi) from the major cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa. The city is located along 7 kilometers (4 mi) of the Israeli Mediterranean Coastal Plain. The city has a population of 80,200 which includes a high proportion of immigrants arriving since 1990, notably from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union.

Hadera was established in 1891 as a farming colony by members of the Zionist group, Hovevei Zion, from Lithuania and Latvia. By 1948, it was a regional centre with a population of 11,800. It was declared a city in 1952. With an area of jurisdiction of 53,000 dunams.

Several projects are under way to improve the quality of life in Hadera, including regenerating the city centre, constructing a hi-tech business park, and building the world's largest desalination plant