Culture of Agartala

The city mainly consists of Bengalis and Tripuris. Bengali is widely spoken in the city as a result of the erstwhile regal patronage and high influx of Bengalis from Comilla, Sylhet, Noakhali, Chittagong districts of Bangladesh. Durga Puja and Saraswati puja are celebrated with great grandeur and ecstatic enthusiasm, which reflect the influence of the culture of the Bengalis. The inter-cultural, inter-communal integrity is rather wonderful. Hence, nearly every festivity attracts participation from citizens of diverse and vibrant backgrounds.

There is also a growing population of the native Tripuri people in the city. Among the native Tripuri festivals, the most famous are Kharchi and Garia festivals and Tring, the Tripuri New year celebrations. The major areas where the native Tripuri people live are in the localities of Abhoynagar, Banamalipur, Krishnanagar, Nandannagar and Kunjaban areas who have recently started to mass migrate to Agartala from other parts of Tripura.


While Bengali is the primary mode of communication.English are also used in here.


Hinduism is the dominant religion and there are many temples across the city.


Some prominent temples are:

*Lakshmi Narayan Templein the Palace Compound.

*Jagannath Temple.

*Ram Thakur's Ashram in Banamalipur.

*Durga Bari Temple in the Palace Compound

*Pagla Debata Temple, Agartala Old Motorstand

*Satsanga Bihar, Krishnanagar

*Kalibari Temple in the Palace Compound

*Baba Loknath Temple, Laxmi Narayan Bari Road

*Umamaheshwar Temple(Shibbari), Central Road

*Ramkrishna Mission, Math Chowmani (Near Dhaleswar), Gandhi Ghat & Amtali