Travel to Naxos

By sea

From the Greek mainland, ferries and high speed catamaran services run daily from Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio.

Naxos is a central hub in the sea transport system, and enjoys multiple connections in all directions. Ferry boats and high speed catamaran services, respectively costing around € 29 and € 45 one-way in economy class, run daily from Piraeus during high season.

Various shipping companies sail for Naxos (via Paros) including:

•    Hellenic Seaways

•    Blue Star Ferries

•    NEL Lines

•    GA ferries

•    Aegean Speed Lines.

•    Anek Lines.

NEL Lines also operates a high speed link from Lavrio in Attica. This is a pleasant port to travel from if you have the option, as it is relatively near the airport and doesn't have the stress and chaos of Piraeus.

There is also the High Speed (Hellenic Seaways) which leaves from Rafina, closer to Athens airport than Piraeus and a pleasant place to have lunch if you have time before you board your ferry. The High Speed takes just under 4 hours and is around € 40 in high season.

In Naxos, ticket offices for ferries in all directions can be found along the quay in Hora. Ferries from Pireaus to Naxos are frequent, as many as half a dozen a day during the summer but generally two or more. The length of the trip does not require a cabin. Blue Star Lines is the most common carrier between Pireaus and Naxos. The ferry takes about 6 hours and the high-speed takes half that time and costs twice as much. Usually there are several departures at 7:30AM every day and then a high-speed and ferry at around 5PM and in the summer a ferry that leaves Pireaus at around 10PM. The Hellas Flying Dolphin High-speeds are catamarans and take about 4 hours to get to Naxos from Pireaus.

By plane

Olympic Air operates a