About Roscoff

Roscoff is a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany in northwestern France.

Roscoff is renowned for its picturesque architecture, labeled « Petite cité de caractère de Bretagne (small town of character) » since 2009. Roscoff is also a traditional departure point for Onion Johnnies.

After lobbying by local economic leaders headed by Alexis Gourvennec, the French Government agreed in 1968 to provide a deep water port at Roscoff. Existing ferry operators were reluctant to take on the relatively long Plymouth/Roscoff crossing, so Gourvennec and colleagues founded Brittany Ferries. Since the early 1970s, Roscoff has been developed as a ferry port for the transport of Breton agricultural produce, and for car-based tourism. Brittany Ferries' and Irish Ferries link Roscoff with the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland which provides a boost to the local economy.

The nearby Île de Batz, called Enez Vaz in Breton, is a small island that can be reached by launch from the harbour