Travel to Amiens


Amiens is served by several motorways

●    A16 to Calais via Abbeville and Boulogne-sur-Mer

●    A16 to Paris via Beauvais

●    A29 to Rouen and Le Havre via Neufchâtel-en-Bray

●    A29 to Reims via Saint-Quentin and Laon

●    The proposed A24 motorway from Amiens to Lille via Doullens was cancelled in 2006.


Amiens has two stations: the Gare d'Amiens (the former Gare du Nord) and the Gare de Saint-Roch (Somme), with connections:

●    to Lille via Arras and Douai

●    to Boulogne via Abbeville

●    to Paris-Nord via Creil or Compiègne

●    to Reims via Tergnier

●    to Rouen

The station Gare TGV Haute-Picardie on the Lille-Paris TGV line is reachable by bus from Amiens.


In addition to Glisy aerodrome bordering on the town's eastern edge, there are several airports nearby

●    Beauvais-Tillé Airport (served by a bus service from Amiens)

●    Lille Airport (reachable by train or by road using the A29 and A1)

●    Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (reachable by train or by road using the A29 and A1, or A16 and N104)


The Somme canal runs through the town to the English Channel. This canal is linked to the Canal du Nord (Paris to Lille metropolitan area)

Urban transport

The town's public transport network is managed by Ametis. It links most of Amiens Metropole's communes. Proposals to build a tram network are under discussion.

In 2008 the municipality established Vélam, a system of public rental bicycles similar to those in other European cities