About Muhu

Muhu is an island in the Baltic Sea. With an area of 198 km² it is the third largest island belonging to Estonia, after Saaremaa and Hiiumaa.

Together with neighboring smaller islands of Kesselaid, Viirelaid, Võilaid and Suurlaid it forms Muhu Parish (Estonian: Muhu vald), the rural municipality within Saare County. The municipality has a population of 1,697 (as of 19 April 2010) and covers an area of 206.12 km². The population density is 8.8 inhabitants per km².

Most important villages in Muhu are Kuivastu, Liiva (where the school can be found) and Koguva.

The island is divided from mainland Estonia by the Suur Strait (Moonsund) and from Saaremaa by the Väike Strait. It is linked by ferry to Virtsu in the mainland, and to Saaremaa by a causeway, the Väinatamm. In winter an ice road connects the island to the mainland