About Ceska Lipa

Česká Lípa is a city in the Czech Republic. It is the district seat and the largest city of the district bearing the same name. The district is a favorite destination of tourists especially from Germany, Holland and other countries as well as domestic travellers. They often like to visit the towns of Doksy and Staré Splavy and the famous and recently renovated Bezděz Castle.

Česká Lípa can be reached easily from the north via Dresden, Bautzen, and the border crossing at Seifhennersdorf / Varnsdorf. Together with Liberec, being a higher administrative region, it is a part of Nisa Euroregion. The Ploučnice River flows through the city with its nearby fount in the east side of the district. Ceska Lipa comprises about ten neighborhoods and 14 municipal parts populated by forty thousand permanent residents.

Inhabitants of Ceska Lipa mostly work in the industrial zone and other companies in the city and its surroundings. Unemployment level resembles other parts of the Czech Republic, not the best and not the worst, simply some average. Majority of people live in residential neighborhoods surrounding the old style inner town. There are quite good shopping chances in the city and conditions for living are nice. Education is offered by several local high schools for students but no significant university has been established. Several sports facilities for entertainment was recently built and others renovated by the city. Free time can also be used to go to cinema, theater, disco, concert or a club but gorgeous amusement business has to be searched somewhere else. All points of interest and need are reachable by municipal transit buses out of which all are disabled accessible. Approximately 10 mi (16 km) south of Česká Lípa, lies lake—Máchovo jezero (Macha's lake). This is a popular summer resort, providing water sports, including surfing and yachting. In one easy word, Ceska Lipa city is average and it reflects all that can be expected