Location of Nuevitas

Nuevitas is located on the Guincho peninsula on the north coast. Nuevitas is sheltered by a huge harbor, has two auxiliary ports, and is a major shipping point for Cuban sugar as well as other products from the surrounding agricultural region. It also possesses diversified light industry and serves as a road and rail terminus.

The municipality is divided into the barrios of Primero, Segundo, Tercero, Alvaro Reinoso, Lugare´┐Żo, Redenci´┐Żn, San Miguel and Senado.

Nuevitas is not a very large city but it is one of Cuba's most important towns because of its commercial and industrial activities. Nuevitas is located not very far southwest of Playa Santa Lucia which is a very famous place for tourists in Cuba. Cayo Sabinal is located immediately north. The only waterway that separates Santa Lucia from Ensenada Playa Bonita is the canal of Nuevitas which connects the Bahia de Nuevitas to the Atlantic Ocean