About Guaimaro

Gu�imaro is a town and municipality in the southern part of Camag�ey Province in Cuba. It is located between the cities of Camag�ey and Victoria de Las Tunas.

The municipality is divided into the barrios of Camanigu�n, Elia, Galbis, Gu�imaro, Palo Seco, Pilar and Tetu�n.

The municipality was created in 1943, when it split from Camag�ey.

Gu�imaro features prominently in Cuban history as the place where in 1869 the Revolutionary Army of Mambises met and created the Constitution for a new nation free from Spanish colonial oppression.

In 2004, the municipality of Gu�imaro had a population of 57,086. With a total area of 1,847 km2 (713 sq mi), it has a population density of 30.9 /km (80 /sq mi)