Economy of Goiania

While Goiania's economy today is based on a variety of industries, the local economy's roots are found in the agricultural industry thriving in and around the city. The supply of agricultural equipment, tools, fertilizer and various other products make up a large portion of the city's economic activity.

Second to agriculture is the vehicle sales and service industry. Repairs, sales and reconditioning of vehicles are widespread and visible in all areas of the city.

The third largest contributor to the economy is the governmental sector. As Goiania is the state capital of Goias, it is home to many federal and state governmental agencies that provide a large number of jobs to the population.

In recent years, modern telecommunications, along with its supporting industry, has begun to expand into Goiania, and many large Brazilian companies have established offices in the city.

In addition, due to Goiania being the state capital, it is home to countless private medical centers/clinics of all kinds.

In 2005, the GDP of the city was RS 13,354,065.00.

In the same year, the per capita income for the city was RS 11,119