About Sunchales

Sunchales is a city in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. It has 18,711 inhabitants per the 2001 census [INDEC]. It lies in the center-west of the province, 135 km from the provincial capital Santa Fe, on National Route 34.

Sunchales is located in the most fertile part of Argentina, at the core of the Humid Pampa, and within the so-called "central milk basin", which manufactures most of the country's production of dairy and exports it through the ports on the ParanĂ¡ River (mainlyRosario and San Lorenzo). It is an important station of the Nuevo Central Argentino railway.

The town was the starting point of SanCor, a dairy cooperative and the leader in its field in Argentina. It is named the Provincial Capital of Cooperativism, and holds important celebrations of the International Day of Cooperatives during the first week of July.

Sunchales is also the seat of the National Festival of Children's Soccer in October, and celebrates the feast of its patron saint, Charles Borromeo, on November 4.

The city has a local basketball] team, Libertad Sunchales, which belongs to Argentina's National Basketball League