Culture of Tanga

Tanga is represented in the Tanzanian Premier League by the football club Coastal Union. Tanga is a Persian word with four meanings: straight; a green valley; the road beside a mountain river; and a farm on a rolling hill or mountain.

Much of Tanga’s heritage is being lost to the vestige of time. This loss is further exacerbated by the unfortunate socio-economic situation in the town and the region. Concern for this historically significant loss motivated a small group of Tanga residents to establish Urithi with the mission to conserve and promote the heritage of Tanga. There are many aspects of the heritage of Tanga; the history, the people and their culture, arts and crafts, buildings and architectures, languages and natural environments. The intention of the founders of Urithi is to conserve as much as possible of this heritage and where possible to make use of this heritage in present day activities. To educate and train the new generation in the useful aspects of the heritage and to derive socio-economic benefit for the town and the region from this heritage. However, it would be folly to believe that Urithi, on its own, could achieve the magnanimous task of conserving and promoting all aspects of Tanga’s heritage.

URITHI was established in 1999 to conserve and promote the heritage of Tanga, AND by then the Board Members were as follows: Chairman: Tamim Amijee V/chairman: Steven Kimambo Secretary: Yakub Hasham Treasurer: Alnoor Hussein Members: Joseph Kotta Mohamed Majura Jaring van Rooijen Luuk Schoonman

THE URITHI PROPOSED TARGETS FOR ITS STRATEGIC PLAN OF 2000-2003 • Complete rehabilitation of Usambara Courthouse. • Establish Urithi office and an efficient working organization structure • Start a museum of Tanga and tourist information centre • Establish a research and documentation centre • Determine a priority list of the heritage of Tanga • Undertake research on Tanga’s history • Hold another 100 years of Tanga’