History of Jagadhri

It is thought that small towns of Yugandhra & Ganadhari were demolished by Nadirshah in 1739. The Sikh chief Sardar Rao Singh is credited with rebuilding of the city in 1783. He encouraged artisans and traders to settle in the city. Slowly Jagadhri became a major center for metal industry.

The town is famous for its metal works & brassware including utensils; though nowadays the production of brass ware has fallen off, due to high cost. Subsequently, Jagadhari entered into and made its mark in high quality Aluminium and stainless steel products. In addition, jagadhri has also witnessed the blossoming of a new business, timber trading, in the last decade. There are many shops doing this business these days.

There are many old temples also, such as LathMar Mandir, Khera Mandir, Gauri Shankar Mandir and Guga Madi Mandir, Devi Mandir (Mansa Devi)