History of Valera

The city is the commercial center of Trujillo state, and a gateway to the Andes region of Venezuela. It has a vibrant business community, as well as a diverse and educated workforce. As the economic and commercial center of Trujillo state, Valera has a vibrant business community. Valera is a leading commercial centre for the agricultural products in Venezuela, in which sugarcane, cacao, coffee, fruit, and grains are cultivated. Flour milling is a principal industry. The area has traditionally supplied about one-fourth of the nation’s wheat.

The city has three daily papers, the Diario de Los Andes, Todo Primicias and the Diario El Tiempo, along with several radio stations, including Angel FM 93.7. Others include Radio Única.Valera also publishes the Magazine Cars Trujillo, its first magazine about cars