Religions of Pushkin

The town has a large number of churches and chapels. Most of them are Orthodox and are objects of cultural heritage, and only a few are listed below:

Sophia Cathedral

    Fedorovskiy Cathedral (19091912, architect Vladimir Pokrovsky, Academichesky Pr. 34) used to be a home church of the Imperial Family. The priests and servants of the cathedral stayed in the nearby Fedorovskiy Gorodok a complex built in 1913-1917s in Russian Revival style.

    Znamenskaya Church (17341747, architect Ivan Blank) is an acting Orthodox Church and the oldest stone building in the town in the Petrine Baroque style.

    Panteleimon Church an active church.

    Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin (18701872, architects Ippolit Monighetti and A. F. Vidov) an active Orthodox Church in Eclectic style.

    Sorrow Church at the former community of the Red Cross (19121914, architect S. A. Danini) an active Orthodox Church in Russian Revival style.

    Catherine Cathedral (18351840, architect Konstantin Thon) an Orthodox cathedral which was demolished in 1939 and restored in 2010 to the 300 anniversary of Tsarskoye Selo.

    Sophia Cathedral (17821788, architects Charles Cameron and I. E. Starov) and active Orthodox cathedral in classic style.

    St. Julian's Church, Pushkin (18941899, architect V. N. Kuritsyn) an Orthodox church in Russian Revival style, under restoration.

    Church of St. Sergius (19031904, architect A. Uspensky, Fodder lane 4) an Orthodox Church.

The town has several churches of other denominations. Their construction is due to the fact that the town was the imperial residence, which always hosted non-Orthodox believers. Currently active are the Church of St. John the Baptist (Roman Catholic cathedral in the classical style)