About Naerbo

Nærbø is the biggest village in the municipality of Hå, situated in the southern corner of the region of Rogaland. According to the Norwegian bureau of statistics the population of Nærbø was 5881 on January 1, 2009. The former municipality of Nærbø was merged with the municipality of Hå on January 1, 1964.

Nærbø is approximately 35 kilometers south of Norway’s fourth most populous city, Stavanger. It is bordered by the village of Varhaug in the south, by the North Sea to the west, the city of Bryne to the north, and hills and meadows to the east.

The Sørlandet Line, traditionally the Jæren Line, runs through the village, with both intercity and Jæren Commuter Rail services stopping at Nærbø Station. County Road 44 passes west of the village.

The municipality of Hå is one the most important agricultural areas of Norway with almost half of the land in the municipality being used for agricultural purposes. The area is sometimes referred to as the breadbasket of Norway because of its large agricultural sector.

The name Nærbø dates back to 1834 when the two local church congregations of Njærheim and Bø were amalgamated and the inauguration of the new church at Skjærpe took place