About Al Hasa

Al-Ahsa, sometimes Al-Hasa, El Hasa, or Hadjar  is a traditional oasis region in eastern Saudi Arabia whose name is used by the Al-Ahsa Governorate, which makes up much of that country's Eastern Province. The oasis is located about 60 km inland from the Persian Gulf.

Al-Ahsa is part of the region known historically as Al-Bahrayn, which includes the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula down to the borders of Oman, and also includes the island of Awal (modern-day Bahrain).

Al-Hasa contains one of the largest concentrations of Shia Muslims in predominantly Sunni Saudi Arabia.

In Al-Ahsa city there are:

1.    A local airport

2.    A train station

3.    Two amusement parks

4.    4 international