Travel to Tottori

By air

ANA runs four daily flights from Tokyo's Haneda Airport (about 75 minutes).

By train

Tottori is on the JR San'in Main Line, which travels along the coast from Kyoto to Shimonoseki. Okayama is about 2 hours south via the JR Tsuyama Line and the JR Imbi Line.

The Izumo night train runs directly from Tokyo. It leaves at 9:10PM and arrives in Tottori at 7:56AM. The cost is about 10,200.

By bus

Express buses serve Tottori from Hamamatsu-cho in Tokyo (10,200), Osaka's Namba Terminal (6000, 2 1/2 hours) or JR Bentencho Station (3600), Kyoto (3870), Okayama and Nishinomiya Kita (3000), Hiroshima (4400), and Fukuoka (9500