About Marsala

Marsala (Maissala in sicilian; Lilybaeum in latin) is an italian town of 82.933 abitanti della provincia di Trapani in Sicilia.

It's the first town in province of Trapani and fifth in Sicily for population.

Famous for the landing of Garibaldi and the thousands in 11th May 1860 and fot its wine, even called Marsala wine, and for it, since 1987, the city is called Città del Vino. Built on the ruins of the ancient Carthaginian city Lilibeo . There are lots of intersting things to see in its area, such as The Natural Reserve of Stagnone Lagoon, a marine area where Salt ponds are located and Kite Surf is practised. In Marsala is a famous archeological site, for the presence of Motya island, ancient Phoenician town