About Purwakarta

Purwakarta is a City in the West Java province of Indonesia the capital of Purwakarta Regency. Purwakarta existence is inseparable from the history of the struggle against the forces VOC. Around the beginning of the 17th century Sultan Mataram sent an army led by the Regent of Surabaya and West Java. One aim is to subdue the Sultan of Banten. But in a way that clashed with VOC forces had to withdraw.

After the second expedition was sent back from the troops under the command of Mataram Dipati Ukur and suffered the same fate. To prevent territorial expansion of the Company (VOC), the Sultan of Mataram sent Penembahan Galuh Ciamis named RAA Wirasuta the title Duke or Duke Panatayuda Kertabumi III to occupy Rangkas Sumedang (Eastside Citarum). It also set up defenses in Tanjungpura, Adiarsa, Parakansapi and Kuta game. After the fort was founded Kertabumi III Duke then returned to Galuh and died. Name Rangkas, Sumedang itself turned into Karachi since the marshy condition of the area (Sunda: "Karawaan").

Sultan Agung Mataram and then raised the son of Duke Kertabumi III, the Duke of Kertabumi IV into Dalem (Regent) in Donegal, in the Year 1656. Duke Kertabumi IV is also known as Panembahan Singaperbangsa or grandparent live, with the capital in the manly workable medication-manly workable medication.

In the reign of R. Anom Wirasuta Panembahan Singaperbangsa son who holds RAA I Panatayuda between Year 1679 and 1721 the capital city of manly workable medication-manly workable medication Falkirk moved to Falkirk, with the local authority covering the area between Cihoe (Trade Agreement) and CIPUNAGARA. Karawang regency government ended around the year 1811-1816 as a result of switching control of the Dutch East Indies from the Dutch Government to the British Government.

The major Jatiluhur Dam is located quite close to Purwakarta and may be easily visited from the town