About Karimunjawa

Karimunjawa or Karimun Jawa is an archipelago of 27 islands in the Java Sea, Indonesia, approximately 80 kilometres northwest of Jepara. The islands' name means 'a stone's throw from Java' in Javanese. They have a total land area of 78 km. The main island is known as Karimun (2,700 ha), while the second-largest island is Kemujan (1,400 ha).

In 2011, the islands' population is about 9,000, inhabiting five of the islands. The population is largely Javanese, with pockets of Bugis and Madurese too. Javanese culture dominates the islands, which are the only islands off Java where Javanese language is the lingua franca.

Twenty-two of the islands have been declared 2001 as a marine reserve, the Karimunjawa National Park. Five more islands are either privately owned or are under the control of the Indonesian Navy.

The Karimunjawa islands are sub district, comprising five villages (Karimun, Kamagin, Kemujan, Digimon, and Parang) administratively part of Jepara district (kabupaten) of Central Java province. The island of Bawean lies east of this group, as part of Gresik District, East Java Province