Travel to Nafplio

By car

From Athens the trip is 1.5~2 hours by car (147km).

By bus

Buses connect the town with Athens, Salonica and all the major cities of Peloponessos.

From Athens, there are 12 to 14 daily buses (from the Eleftherios Venizelos airport take the X93 bus till the last stop). The buses of KTEL  leave Athens from Terminal A in Kifissos central bus station. The journey takes about 2 hours and the price is 11.8e one way, 18e return (June 2010). You can buy tickets online.

There are buses from the Corinth-Channel Bus Terminal to Nafplio via Argos (June 2010), priced 5.8e one way, but not from Proastiakos Corinth Train station, due to their competition.

By sea

the town has a good protected port which can host several yachts providing them with all facilities.

By train

The trains station is at the port, served for tickets info etc in an old wagon. Including a change for "proastiakos" train in Corinth the total time from Athens is 2h 10'. If you find the departure time convenient it will provide you a more comfortable cheap and accurate journey. 17e for a two way ticket (in two parts, one till Korinthos, one for the rest). Stops also at Argos and Mycenae. Presently (Jan2011) canceled till further notice