About Manilaid

Manilaid is a 1.87 km2 (0.72 sq mi) Estonian islet in the Gulf of Riga, located between the island of Kihnu and the mainland's Tõstamaa peninsula. Together with the neighboring smaller uninhabited islets Sorgu and Anilaid, Manilaid forms the village of Manija. Administratively the village belongs to Tõstamaa Parish in Pärnu County.

The island was unpopulated until 1933, when about 100 residents moved to Manilaid from the neighboring Kihnu. At the peak, there were about 150 residents on the island. During the Soviet times, the population decreased. As of 1 January 2011, Manilaid has a population of 47.

Manilaid has a ferry connection with the Munalaiu harbor on the mainland. In the winter when the Gulf of Riga is covered with ice, the island is reachable via ice bridge